Can’t see the time you want to book? Please call into the Clinic at 250-590-1482. We can book you over the phone at your desired time, especially on same day appointments!

If your appointment is for IV therapy please arrive to the clinic well hydrated. It is also advised if you suffer from low blood sugar or you are unable to have a meal before your treatment, please bring in a small snack.

If you have an emergency or are a patient who has a time sensitive treatment please call the office to discuss.

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic physicians are licensed health care providers who are trained professionally to diagnose and treat all types of health care issues. They are regulated by the College of Naturopathic Physicians of BC (CNPBC). They provide natural medications, can perform medical exams, send for labs testing, and can prescribe prescription medication when needed.

IV Therapy

To book for intravenous (IV) wellness therapy and injectable (IM) treatments. An initial visit (first visit IV therapy or first visit IM injection) must be completed before IV or IM treatments can be administered. If your health has changed or you have not attended the clinic in over 4 months, a short follow up will be required before an IV or IM treatment will be administered.

Dr. Kristen Bovee is a naturopathic physician who has served on Vancouver Island for 20 years. She holds professional certifications in, intravenous and chelation therapies, prolotherapy and ozone. Kristen is a member of the BCNA and CNPBC and can prescribe most medications that are pharmaceutically regulated.

Dr. Kristen has special interests in treating women’s hormone imbalances, osteoarthritis/pain syndromes, and food allergies. She also has great interest and talent in medical esthetics which she uses as an adjunct to supporting a healthy aging process with naturopathic techniques and treatments.

Dr. Kristen Bovee is a naturopathic physician who has served on Vancouver Island for 20 years. Sh... Read More

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